Help for everyday heroes like you. When you need a break we are here for you to keep the care going for your loved one, uninterrupted.

Respite care is temporary relief for a primary caregiver. Primary caregiver burnout is real; even heroes like yourself need a break from time to time. Caregivers need time for rejuvenation and recuperation to keep giving excellent care. You deserve a break, and your loved one deserves care and attention that will mimic what you give. I know what your thinking? How can we promise so much? This is how and why we can make this promise. First off, we match our caregivers to the client—a purposeful and aware choice. We consider the client’s character, health, and needs when selecting the caregiver. We listen to our clients to gain insight and knowledge to aide in the decision.

If someone you know is taking care of a friend and loved one and could benefit from our services. Share our story of how we are giving caregiver relief. Call Breakthrough Healthcare St. Louis at 314-649-5586.

Respite care is short term in length a day, days, or weeks.

Some insurance companies will cover the cost of respite services. Missouri Medicaid does cover respite services. Refer to your specific plan for program requirements.

“I believe that heroes are those who care about others enough to dedicate and devote their life to medical care.”

Nikki Lindsay RN, BSN, MBA
Breakthrough Healthcare