Transportation Assistance to Medical and Dental Appointments

When you need safe and reliable transportation to medical appointments and procedures.  

Transportation to and from Medical Procedures and Appointments 

Outpatient medical procedures and tests frequently require patients to undergo some type of sedation or receive some type of medication that make it unsafe for them to drive. Having transportation and assistance is required under these circumstances. We eliminate the hassle and solve the problem of how you will get safely to and from your appointment. Relying on us during this time ensures that you get help from a medical professional versus a layman. It also means we understand that time is of the essence. The scheduled appointment has an arrival time that is important to maintain. Once the appointment is finished you will be taken back to your home promptly after released. This eliminates the wait on an Uber or Lyft drive that is unpredictable and time wasting. Using Breakthrough Healthcare means that you have a dedicated professional to assist you along the way.  

We will communicate with your loved ones along the way to give them the confidence and reassurance of your progress and status. If you desire, your privacy is a high priority.  

Are you undergoing a colonoscopy or other endoscopy procedure? Usually these procedures are done under sedation and require transportation to and from the procedure.  

Maybe you are scheduled to undergo a dental procedure and need transportation and assistance. Our job is to help answer the call for assistance and remove the stress doing this time. You have other things that require your attention.  

What we do is provide competent and compassionate staff will transport you safely.  

Medical procedures and tests require sedatives or other medications that make it unsafe to operate a vehicle. Your medical provider is requiring you to have someone drive you to and from this destination.  

It could be that you have stopped driving and just need a ride to an appointment.  

You can count on us.