Eldercare, your Partner for Homecare

Breakthrough Healthcare Providing Homecare Services in St. Louis, MO

Breakthrough Healthcare provides quality in-home care to Seniors and Disabled adults in St. Louis, MO. Our goal is to partner with our clients to bring them the very best care. Now and more than ever, the need for partnership between medical professionals, medical agencies, and clients is needed. Clients are savvy in research and knowledge. They prefer to be active and involved versus passive. One of my prevailing beliefs, says Nikki Lindsay, is that a partnership is necessary to obtain the best outcomes. Involving the client and getting an agreement builds better rapport and compliance. What would anyone do if they were told to do something versus asked how they want to do it? 

The elderly are at high risk of turning down assistance. 

The elderly population frequently turn down assistance, even when they perceive it is needed. At this stage in life, the goal is to preserve independence, dignity, and autonomy. Partnering with them gives a voice, consideration, and redeployment of coping skills and resilience. At Breakthrough Healthcare, we know and understand the elderly population. They are a valued and respected part of the chain of care. 

Our services start by completing an in-depth discussion and assessment with our clients. Our promise is not to oversell a product or service. We develop unique and individualized care plans using a multidisciplinary approach, using the client and family, Physician, Social Worker’s and Nurses, for example. 

Our organization knows that it is providing quality care. How do we know this? Regularly we survey our clients, evaluate care based on patient progress, and use evidence-based practices. 

We want to partner with the community in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding area to provide a partnership in-home care. We are providing medical and non-medical services. 

Fast Fact! 

Did you know that partnerships in care places the client at the center of care. It demonstrates respect, dignity, and high compliance. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30476985/